Personalization & Fulfillment Services

There are a number of custom-tailored alternatives available:

Full Color Photo Printing

Widely used in staff and membership cards, our full color photo printing solution can be personalized for identification.

Embossing & Tipping

To avoid fraud and counterfeiting, our cards are embossed and tipped and are applicable to credit, debit, ATM cards & member cards.

Chip embedding & Personalization

Our high security chip embedding and personalization allows personal data to be securely stored in the card and are widely used in credit, debit, staff and worker cards.


Commonly used in ATM, credit and debit cards, we encode data to be inserted into magnetic strip.

Indent Printing

Indent printing is a special data printing against counterfeit and the technology is used in ATM, credit and debit cards.

Barcode Printing

An optical representation of data, only readable by optical scanner, barcode printing is used in most consumer goods.

Label Affixing

Label adhered on finance cards as a reminder for card activation or other additional information.


Total solution from letter personalization to enveloping, printing, delivery.