Business Process Optimization (BPO)

Business process optimization is the highest performance solution provided to the enterprise. It can be efficiently handled and seamlessly connected, thereby reducing operating costs.

Cost Saving

High Security

Hong Kong standalone site with ISO9001 & ISO27001 certificates
Individual and high security data entry room
Exclusion transportation

High Accuracy

Advance capturing technology
Cross-checking system
Well-constructed manner
Additional quality check

High Efficiency

High-speed scanners
Converted and indexed data
Experienced staffs
Streamlined workflow

Document Preparation and Scanning

Document preparation provides a resource saving way for corporate to process and manage enormous volume of documents daily while data scanning provide a convenient way for corporate to digitalize and store paper data online, thus facilitates information retrieval and follow up works.

Data Conversion and Indexing

With data conversion and indexing services, corporate’s data would be converted and indexed in well-constructed manner, which can be integrated into corporate’s existing document management system enabling corporates to sort, share, manage and transfer information easily.

Double Entry and Quality Check

TFHK provides double data entry service to corporates in order to minimize the occurrence of error and enhance the information quality. After document digitalization, our professional data entry team will input all data twice under a cross-checking system. If data entered are not consistent with each other, the system would give out notification and supervisors would check again to ensure accuracy of the data.

Security Management

To avoid the possibility of information leakage, TFHK provides a separate room with high security for individual corporate upon request. Moreover, the data entry team is able to process data with various degrees of complexity in different languages with meticulous manner in order to fulfill specific requirements of each corporate. Documents after scanning would be stapled back and sent back to corporates or disposed safely with secure document shredding service.

On-site Support & Data Input

Besides handling document in factory, TFHK provides on-site support service to fulfill specific requirements. High skill operators are appointed with professional equipment to customer location to process data management jobs. All document has not to leave office which can conform to regulation requirement.