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March 22, 2021

Envelope Inserting Solution

Authorized Distributor Since 2009 with Quadient Formerly Neopost, Toppan Forms (Hong Kong) Ltd., has the priority position to provide wide-range inserting machines, from entry level to production level Inserters. Flexible and user-friendly inserting machines enhance the convenience and efficiency in-house daily operation. Learn more>>

Green Sealer Solution

We are the Hong Kong sole dealer of Welltec System’s green sealer machines while Welltec is the market leader in pressure sealing solutions with over 80% market share in Asia. With advanced sealing technology, green sealer is simplified applied as seal letters, pay slips, invoice, quotations, etc without enveloping. Learn more>>

V5 Conference Flat Panel Solution

MAXHUB Classic V5 Conference Flat Panel is an innovative efficient office equipment, with writing, presentation, and collaboration functions. Through breaking the barriers of conventional meetings and cooperation, MAXHUB V5 makes your work efficient and collaborative by wirelessly connection multi-terminals and multi-person. Learn more>>